The Bible—the earliest…BLOG?!


 I have only begun to blog, but I already love it.  Why though?  I mean, I already have my writing dream job (with Shepherd Project), so why is blogging so different?  Tonight it hit me – because I get to write as if I am writing to YOU, my friend.  Sure, I may not have ever met you; I may not even know that you are reading my blog, but that doesn’t matter.  It’s like when I was a kid and I had a pen pal that I wrote to.  I had never actually met my pen pal, but she was my friend who I poured out my heart to.  I wrote her letters, not articles… letters.  Maybe I said the same basic things I would say in an article (if I had written an article as a 10 year old), but the way I said (wrote) those things was different because I wasn’t writing a formal article to the unknown reader, I was writing a personal letter to someone I cared about, to my friend. 


So it is with blogging.  I may say a lot of similar things in a blog that I would say in an article, but the way I say them feels different.  It’s more personal.  I get to talk to YOU, a person who I may or may not get to know in return.  I get to share my heart and mind with you…and in so doing, suddenly, because I am now invested in you, I care deeply for you and for your well being.  It’s not to say that I don’t care for the people who read my articles too – I do!  And when I read their comments, it’s instantly transformed into something more personal because there is someone on the other end of the transaction.  Where an article might become personal, blogging, however, begins by being personal.  It feels more like a letter or even like my journal (although, I’m not sure I’m ready to be THAT personal yet!).


The thing that REALLY hit me though as I thought about this tonight, the thing which made me stop to actually write about this was not, believe it or not, my personal feelings about the differences between blogs and articles (fascinating though they are).  The thing which compelled me was that I suddenly wondered if God didn’t feel about the Bible like I do about my blog.


I realized that, as much as I love the Bible, and as much as I have said that it was God’s love letter to us, I still felt like God wrote it more like I would write an article.  A formal, third person document, “to whom it may concern”, or to whom may be concerned with it, at any rate.  He hopes we will read it, concern ourselves with it, and when we do, and when we respond, then it becomes more personal for Him.  I didn’t realize it, but that’s how I thought about it.  He was doing his job, so to speak, to record history, give us the law, set some examples for us to follow, tell us about Jesus…  Maybe it was a job he loved to do, just like I love mine – but still, when I thought of God and the Bible, I thought of it more as if God had written an article…not so much from the end product perspective, as from the perspective of the process.


Here I am in my little apartment thinking cozy thoughts about writing blogs and all my readers who will love me and find help and laughter and healing in the things I write—because I am going to do such a great job of pointing them all to Jesus and they are all going to love Him SO much because of how He’s going to use this blog…  (OMG!  Can you believe my vain, silly little thoughts???  There’s so much so wrong about this line of thinking…but mostly, I have to just laugh about the silliness in my own ridiculous head.  I haven’t a SINGLE reader yet, because I haven’t even a BLOG yet – I’m just writing down posts for when I do…but when I do… look out!  J  Oh I am so grounded in practical reality…and humility!  Wink, wink.)   But besides the vanity and comedy of my thinking these things, I wonder if maybe God had some similar cozy thoughts as He put the Bible together, only His thoughts wouldn’t be silly or absurd or vain, because they would be true…because He knows the future!  It wouldn’t be vanity for Him to get excited about all who would read and LOVE His Word, or about all the people who, because of His Word would love HIM, because He is due all honor and glory and praise (whereas I, sadly, am not).  It wouldn’t be small for Him to get excited that people would know Him by reading His Word, because there is nothing greater we could know, and because at some point “every knee will bow… and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord”  (Phil 2:8-11).


My thoughts may hold a touch of the ridiculous and vain (to be sure), but I suspect there is something of the Father in them too.  Maybe my longings for my blog aren’t just something out of left field…maybe they are something I came by honestly, something I inherited from my maker, my Father in Heaven, who feels the same way about the Bible.


If I pause to think of God, not as an article writer, but as a blogger, suddenly I see God (and the Bible) in a whole, new, more personal light.   I suddenly sense God’s emotions for his readers, his joy in posting something well written (and since He’s perfect, ALL his posts are perfect – can you imagine how satisfying that would be?!), His excitement over who might discover what He wrote and be affected by it, His sense of connection with His readers, His sense of pride as His reader count grows and as word of mouth touts praises of Him and His writings, His anxiousness (or maybe, since it’s God, delight is a better word choice here) to hear back from His readers about what they thought about what He said, His joy in sharing a good laugh with His readers, His rejoicing over every reader who becomes a follower and every lost soul who through His Word becomes found…


Instead of approaching the Word as something to be dissected and ingested tomorrow morning, maybe I’ll do it a little differently.  Maybe I’ll read it with the heart of a blogger in mind, thinking a little more about His heart for me, His reader and about why He took the time to write that particular “post”.  Maybe I’ll read with a desire to know more than just what’s written, maybe I’ll think about wanting to know the Author Himself more personally, and looking for Him, His character and personality, in the things He writes.  Maybe I’ll even linger a little longer in prayer over those who have never “followed his blog”, or who quit following it, or never even had a chance to read it—because suddenly  the thought of “followers” is a little more personal, and His is ultimately the only “blog” that will last or matter.




Disclaimer:  I don’t want to belittle the Bible by equating it with the average blog, or even the superior blog.  His Word is superior to any and every other document known to man; it can never be equated to anything.  IT is “living and active” (Hebrews 4:12) in a way no other text will ever be.  That doesn’t, however, mean that there is not some benefit in comparison, even in comparing it to something so far beneath it as a common blog.  Besides, it’s not so much between the quality of the documents (Bible, and blog) as between the heart of the authors of those documents which I cared to draw comparison.




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One Response to The Bible—the earliest…BLOG?!

  1. David Carr says:

    Stacey–I read your first blog! I liked it–very good thoughts. I’m trying to start blogging myself, so I was curious to see how you would approach it. Looks like you’re well on your way.

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