Why did she do it?

To my dear friends,

I wanted to advise you that you may want to do your hair and make up and be sure to dress with care for the next few days so you are prepared in case the news comes by for an interview.  Just why would they come by to interview you? you may ask.  To ask you, “Why did she do it?”  And when they ask you, you can reply with confidence that it wasn’t some repressed childhood trauma or abuse.  It wasn’t an emotional imbalance or chemical dysfunction in my brain.  It was technology.  Technology drove me to it.

And if the news doesn’t come by for an interview, then you can PRAISE JESUS – because I can promise you, it will be by the grace, mercy and divine intervention of God Himself if I don’t snap and go postal before this is over!


Technology.  The gift that keeps on giving.


PS – When Matt Chandler asks, “What are the things that stir your heart for Jesus… this isn’t one of them.  I’m just saying.  This goes on the naughty list – the things that rob me of my affections for Jesus.  I’m having to do a LOT of repenting.

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5 Responses to Why did she do it?

  1. just so you know I am a fan and friend

  2. Carol Orender says:

    Sweet Stacey ~ I think you need to take some deep breaths and spend some time in the saddle. 🙂

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