Why I’m Still Single…And Other Tough Questions

As a single woman in her late 30’s, the “Why are you still single?” question is pretty much about as common as the “What do you do?” question, only not nearly as simple and painless to answer.

The other day when asked that question, this popped out of my mouth:

“Well, I can give you the endless list of reasons that so many people have been ooooh-sooooo-helpful to provide me with, but personally, I’m sticking with God’s sovereignty.”

I’m not sure where that came from, but I felt that summed up a lot of points quite nicely.  And, with the added of bonus that it didn’t make me seem particularly wounded, or fiercely independent, or desperate…  It actually made it seem as if I was “perfectly content” (or nearer to it) to be either single or married, so long as God was sovereign over my status (would it were really, truly true!).  And best of all, It left the door open for God to intervene in His timing, but not for the question-asker to suddenly try to “fix the problem” by adding their thoughts on “Why?” to the mix.  Genius!

Just thought I’d share, for anyone who is in a place where they are often asked a question that may be hard to answer about something they have little or no control over…

Suddenly, I’m reminded of Job, whose friends provided him with an endless list of ooooh-sooooo-helpful reasons for his circumstances.  He chose to stick with God’s sovereignty too.

Not often you hear someone say this, but, Let’s be like Job!

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4 Responses to Why I’m Still Single…And Other Tough Questions

  1. Christiana says:

    Did I ever share my list of “Things You Should Never to Say to a Single Woman Missionary” with you?

    • StaceyTuttle says:

      ooohhhh – I don’t remember, but I know it will be great! Is it something I can link to, or even post (my first guest author!), if you haven’t got it posted somewhere?? I’d love to share! I’m working on more on singleness as we speak, actually – because of another post I saw… I want to catch up soon, too – while you’re still stateside. I miss you!!!

  2. Carol Orender says:

    Perfect response. PERFECT!!!

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