Throwback Thursday – What I said…

I once read this post in which Missy talks about things she’s learned from blogging.  It’s fantastic!!  But I remember this statement particularly:  “I’ve learned that often after I blog something, it leaves my mind forever, and I can read old posts like they were written by someone else.”   I remember that statement because I’ve  had the same realization about things I’ve written – long before blogging was in existence.

Which brings me to Throwback Thursday – What I said…

I keep a journal of quotes, well, several journals of quotes now, as I have filled more than one.  It’s not very handy for locating quotes on a specific topic in a hurry, as there’s no “search” feature to the handwritten journal, nor any sort of organization, as I’ve added them simply as they’ve come, but there is a certain nostalgic quality to a handwritten journal that still holds me captive.  And there is the added bonus that as I search for a quote I know must be in there somewhere, I’m forced to rediscover so many others that are in there along the way.

Today, as I browsed for a quote I came across one that had the strange quality Missy had described.  In fact, it’s happened more than once with this quote.  I wrote it in 2001, in an email or letter, I am not sure.  Somehow or other it made its way into my quote book and every time I read it I pause to wonder where I got that…and then I see, “Oh, I wrote that!”  And every time, I sheepishly confess, I feel a sort of delightful surprise.  I wrote something that, after I forgot I had written it, ministered to me, appealed to me, spoke truth and beauty to me.  Who would have thought my younger self would be able to speak truth and encouragement to my older self?!

Now, after all that, I’m scared to write my little quote.  After that set up you are bound to be equally disappointed and amazed that I could be so content with my little sentence from the past.

Well, I guess there’s no getting out of it now.  Here it is – a throwback quote on this Thursday to my former self in October of 2001…what I said:

I pray you might grow in His transforming love through which our trials and difficulties are metamorphosed into the tools by which our lives are crafted and our character refined.

Good advice from my former self.  Advice I need to be reminded of – that the trials and difficulties I’m facing are but the tools He will use to craft my life and character…if I’m willing to yield to His transforming love.

May my old self bless you today!

Have you ever been blessed by your old self?  Do share!  

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1 Response to Throwback Thursday – What I said…

  1. shopdelightfullysweet says:

    Looking back at my old self makes me happy she brought me where I am today, a person who is a little more down to earth! Thank God! Lol

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