Little Piranha Birdies-Meet the Light! (The Croods)


I read Psalm 18:30 this morning:

As for God, his way is perfect:
    The Lord’s word is flawless;
    he shields all who take refuge in him.


It reminded me of this review of the Croods at the Shepherd Project website and a particular scene from the Croods came to mind.  The review compares the Croods’ journey toward the sun that took them from cave dwellers to life in paradise and compares it with the spiritual journey a man takes when he follows the Son (Jesus) from life in darkness to life with Him in Heaven.

Anyway, when I read that “he shields all who take refuge in him” I immediately thought of that scene when the deceptively cute, little red piranha birds (who just devoured a huge whale-like creature in 2 seconds flat) are about to attack the family and eat them all.  Guy (who you could easily compare to a missionary…if you wanted to) rushes in and holds up a flaming torch.  The family is shielded by that flame.  The birds don’t touch them.

Even at the surface, it’s a pretty cool scene.  It was the first scene that my friend’s little boy wanted to tell me about, because it made such an impression on him.  That fire was like an invisible shield all around them.  It’s such a great visual illustration.  And I am such a dork – I admit, I get all kinds of geeked out and excited about things like this!

Think about it!  You could draw any number of comparisons with those evil little birds.  They seem so sweet and harmless, but they are truly destructive and vicious—like little lies and deceptions, like gossip, like character flaws, like bad friends and influences…or if you’re of a more charismatic bent, like little demons.

And that fire, you don’t have to go far to connect that to God.  God is a consuming fire, after all.  And God is light, and so is fire (in case you weren’t clear on that).   The fire shielded them from the birds, and Psalms 18:30 says God “shields all who take refuge in him.”

Whether you’re five or fifty, it’s a good reminder to us all to take shelter in the Light.



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