God is the _________ Person I know

I heard Graham Cooke speak years ago and he said, “God is the kindest person I know.”  As he told his story, and shared some of the trials he’d been through, it made sense that he would have known and experienced the kindness of God richly.  He challenged us to ask how we might fill in that statement.  What has God been to us?  To ME?  I mean, sure, He is a lot of things and He is every thing, but specifically, when I think of God, what aspect of His nature, His character, His personality towards me, has come to mean the most to me?  I don’t think I’ll be surprised to find in time that my answer to that may change with the seasons in my life, but then again, maybe it will be constant.  I’m not yet sure.  In either case, years later, the question continues to intrigue me.   

It’s a question which prompts me to look more thoughtfully at my life and my relationship with God.  How have I seen Him in my life?  Am I missing Him, or am I seeing what He’s about – in me, for me, through me?  It’s also a question that prompts me to look forward:  What does God want to be for me in the future?  I also wonder what do I want God to be for me?  And is that the same thing that HE wants to be for me?  It’s a curious thought that I might want something from God, but He might want to give me or be for me something else, something different (at least in terms of emphasis).  It seems to me that it might do me well to pray about that and ask God to align my heart and my desires with His, in this as in all things.

How would you fill in that blank?

Is God the kindest person you know?  The most adventurous?  The most loving?  The most tender?  The most forgiving?  The most peaceful?  The most fun, delightful or hilarious???  What has He been for you?

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