Z Blog – Granted Favor…From the Start

Z Blog 2 – Granted Favor…from the start

I know God’s been behind this trip.  We have seen that in so many details all along the way.  But, now that we have officially departed it has been exciting to see His protection and blessing and provision in person step by step.  

Our first experience of this was in the Denver airport.  We had several crates to check.  Craig had been careful to weigh and make sure each was close to, but under the 50 pound limit.  We started checking in bags and discovered that all but one were overweight (one of them by 10 pounds).  The one that wasn’t overweight was right at 50, so it’s not like we could just shuffle a few things over into that crate.  Despite our caution, it appears the scale we had used to weigh the bags was not correct.    

We had been given a  bunch of really nice Bibles to give away.  Fantastic Bibles, but they were large, hardback, heavy and bulky.  There was no way to fit them into our carry-ons because of their size, and their weight was too much for the checked luggage.  We were thinking we would have to leave them behind. 

The wonderful man who had been helping us get checked in began to get curious about our group and ask questions.  This man had, only a minute ago, said that 52.5 pounds was definitely too heavy; we had to adjust.  Once he heard about our conference, he had a change of heart.  He quietly said that if we were a few pounds over, he’d let it through.  So we began to distribute the weight more evenly and recheck, so relieved. 

One of us ended up with a “new” checker however, and he rejected the bag, about 53 pounds now.  It was too heavy.  Our guy overheard and came over and told the man to let us through; it was OK.  

Thank God for his beautiful provision – for providing the right security personnel to work with.  For people who are sympathetic to what we are doing.  And thank God for the sense that He is with us, in the details, protecting us, providing for us…from the very first.


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