Interesting Article on Parenting…

Thought this was interesting and wanted to share.  Love to hear what you think – especially those of you who are parents. 

Some of the author’s thoughts about letting kids take risks seems to be a theme in things I’m reading these days, and things I’ve thought myself through the years.  She says:

Ellen Hansen Sandseter, a Norwegian researcher at Queen Maud University in Norway, has found in her research that the relaxed approach to risk-taking and safety actually keeps our children safer by honing their judgment about what they’re capable of. Children are drawn to the things we parents fear: high places, water, wandering far away, dangerous sharp tools. Our instinct is to keep them safe by childproofing their lives. But “the most important safety protection you can give a child,” Sandseter explained when we talked, “is to let them take… risks.”

Similarly, I was reading You Lost Me, (David Kinnaman) and he was talking about how our desire to protect our kids has had a negative spiritual side effect.  Kids aren’t as willing to do “risky” things with God, because they have been taught that safety was the most important thing – even to the point that they let it supersede obedience and following Jesus.

I’ll write more on this later, but wanted to take a minute to shoot out this article link and ask for thoughts.

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