The Right Tools- VIDEO!

I wrote a post a while back about having the right tools to study scripture.  It was featured at Shepherd Project as well…and I wouldn’t mention it, EXCEPT – we were able to also feature a video (the first…others will follow!) of Dr. Craig Smith’s teaching.  In other words, my article talked about the need for having the right tools, and I said that we were able to give some of those tools to the Zimbabweans at our conference, but now I can share those tools with YOU!  WOOHOO!!!

Here’s my post on SPM:  which has the link to the video in case you want to see it ALL…  (because you missed my post, or because it was SO fantastic you just have to read it again…obviously the latter, right?!)

OR, if you just want to skip the post and go straight to the video (because my post was so entirely fab that every word was indelibly etched into your brain and you can recall its every single well-placed word, of course) you can click this link:

And in case you miss it on the video link, there is also a link to the handouts…you can get those here:

I so hope you’ll take a minute to listen…Craig is fantastic…and it’s material we ALL need.

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