Living Imperfect-Consumerist Church

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I have a young friend who is just amazing.  She’s not even able to drive a car yet, but her blog is insightful and remarkably well-written, for a writer of any age…but especially for someone so young.  I wanted to introduce you to her blog.  It’s rare to find someone of her age, thinking and writing at the level she is, with the spiritual maturity that she has, combined with the honest insight into her generation, the culture and the times.

She wrote about the consumerist church mentality in this blog:

Here’s an excerpt:

But the members of the average American church right now aren’t treating it as a sanctuary for the Lord, its a spiritual Starbucks.

But our culture doesn’t understand this, and it may part of the key to seeing why masses are leaving the church. Because as soon as you enter into a place not centered around you and try to tailor it to your standards, you are going to be unhappy. But maybe if we stopped trying to make everything just the way WE want it and start asking what God wants US to do, we would be a whole lot happier.

The whole piece is worth reading…as is her blog.  Maybe you have a young teen in your life who could use some better reading material, something that would engage them while challenging their faith and their assumptions about life in this day and age?  Or maybe you’re like me and want to read it for yourself.  In either case, I had to share!

Not. Even. Driving.  I’m just saying.

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