Meet Omar, Thoughts on Advent

I have been blessed with so many wonderful, amazing, talented friends.  Today I came across this post from one of my favorite, dearest friends from college.  Some of my best memories of college include Omar.  He was not just the center of so much fun (though that was definitely true – someday I will have to tell you the story of kidnapped stuffed animals, held for ransom and a crazy scavenger hunt, with a tribal ending and a stuffed pig on a spit…but that’s another story for another day), but was also incredibly kind and patient and he had this artistic, poetic soul that knew how to listen, and the spiritual insight to know how to inject wisdom and discernment….  Everyone should be so lucky to have an “Omar” in their gang.  

I’m sad that our paths have long since diverged.  I wish I could still be part of “the gang” – that gang that had Omar as a key (if not the central) player.  Thanks to the bittersweet, overwhelming wonder that is Facebook, though, I am able to feel somewhat connected to his life, and still be blessed by his talents and insights (and wonder of wonders, I get the joy of sharing him with you!!!)…which brings me to this post, which I already mentioned, but I got distracted.  

Omar writes about the Advent season:

But the start of the Christian year has nothing to do with Christmas. Read the Scripture passages for the first week of Advent, and we don’t find holiday cheer: No baby in a manger, angels visiting shepherds, or wise men giving gifts.

The season of Advent begins with the end: The return of Christ, and the question are we ready for it?

He goes on to explain this with a story from his childhood.  It’s fantastic.

He ends with this:

Advent gives us another opportunity to prepare. That’s why it’s a season, not just a day.  We can take inventory of our actions, pursuits, motivations… maybe fast… and repent.  So we don’t have to scramble when we get the call he’s coming back.

Take a minute to read his post.  And then take another to think about it with me.  What do we (you and me) need to do to prepare?  Ugh – I think I’m a little afraid at the very idea of taking inventory of my “actions, pursuits and motivations” – but I’d rather deal with it now, repent and get on track, than be caught unprepared when He returns.

In CASE you missed it, here’s the link:

Omar Rikabi


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