My Horse Teaches a Leader about Leadership

I took a friend and his family riding horses over Thanksgiving.  He’s always had a closet dream of being a cowboy, but never had the opportunity to ride beyond nose to tail walking trail rides.  It was so much fun watching him and his two kids (young teens) come alive on the horses and ride with such confidence and freedom.  There’s something wonderful that happens when a person and a horse are well-matched, and fortunately, I got to watch three very different people match up beautifully with three  very different horses.

Anyway, this isn’t about my thoughts on the day.  I actually wanted to share Todd’s thoughts on the day.  He’s so talented.  I have been so blessed to work with him (and to get to know his wife and kids) in the youth group at our church.  And I am thrilled to be able to pass along to you a small fraction of the blessing he has been to me, by sharing some of his genius and insights on leadership with you all.

And I’m not sharing just any post of his, but this one has to do with THAT day – the day that he and his two awesome kids got to come riding with me, on MY horses…  I am not sure how much I have to teach or offer Todd, but I had my horses to offer…and they in turn had much to teach him, just as they do me, constantly.

So I’m doubly proud to be able to introduce you to my friend who I SO look up to, and to share a little about my horses, all in one fell swoop!

Be blessed by this!!!

Riding in the mountains

Riding in the mountains

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