Saving Mr. Banks, etc.

saving banks

When I go home for Christmas, one of the things we love to do is go to the movies.  This year there were four, yes FOUR!, that I thoroughly enjoyed.  Not only were they relatively clean, and funny and heart warming, but they also had some good things to say about life, and some interesting parallels to Christianity.

I have posted the reviews at Shepherd Project Ministries, so here are the links.

Frozen (I have already linked to this one…but in case you missed it!)

Grudge Match – highlights several themes, like forgiveness, bitterness, jealous, character, sex outside of marriage, identity…  gives you questions to discuss and Bible verses regarding each topic.

Saving Mr. Banks:  Here’s a highlight… “Forgiveness.  Redemption.  Taking the hard, the ugly, the pain of the past and making something beautiful of it all—this is what Walt and Mrs. Travers both wanted to do with their stories.  And it’s the very thing God wants to do with ours…”

AND…I will be posting a review for Walter Mitty soon, so stay tuned for that one.

ALSO – if you like quotes…we have some of the best quote collections from movies that I have found!  If you go to the review, there is a link to the quote page below for each movie. 

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