Eesh – someone commented they hadn’t seen anything on my blog in a while – and the problem is, I’ve been writing at Shepherd Project, but my blog hasn’t gotten the news…  SO – here are some links to past articles (mostly movie discussions, but not all) at Shepherd Project, that you may have missed.  Even if you didn’t see the movie, each of them works to hit on a deeper topic, so you might just find it worth the read anyway.

Rio 2 – a discussion about real manhood went up today.  (Quotes, too.)

Noah – I know everyone’s weighed in, but I focused more on how we can be godly in our response to it, no matter whether we are for it or against it.  (Quotes, too.)

Captain America: Winter Soldier – a talk about how knowing who your enemy is clarifies your mission and your life…and how we can fight against him.  (Quotes, too.)

God’s Not Dead – an overall (scatter shot) discussion of the movie–highlights and some grace for the criticisms I’ve heard. (Quotes, too.)

Divergent – Oh this was a GOOD one!!!  A talk about vices and virtue (and how virtue is the median between two vices – there’s a chart so you can see!), and about how the body of Christ is supposed to function according to 1 Corinthians 12.  (Quotes from the movie and Quotes from the book, too.)

And did you catch my piece on The Four People Most Likely to See Christian Movies?

or 7 Reasons why we might want to give Christian Films a break?

or 10 Guidelines to help you navigate Hollywood’s year of the Bible?

I think that just about catches you up… eesh!  That’s a lot I didn’t link to in a timely manner.  If you aren’t receiving Shepherd Project’s weekly e-magazine, please go to the website: and sign up for the Deep and Wide – you’ll get an email once a week with just an article or two highlighted, a few additional links on the side…written by myself and other amazing writers.  I tackle more of the cultural stuff, but the other writers are more theological and scientific and all sorts of genius…  you don’t want to miss it!

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