Have you ever noticed that in the movies, the future is never seen in a positive light?  It’s always apocalyptic.  It just strikes me as interesting to note that the movies which envision the future of the world always see it in a negative, world’s-coming-to-an-end, dooms day kind of way.  Whether the destruction comes from the hands of men, technology or natural disasters, the end result is similarly dark every time.  I am sure there are a few movies that show the future as a hopeful thing, but I can’t think of one.

Why is that?  Is it just that it makes for dramatic movies and good plot lines?  Or is it something “deeper” than that?  Is there something in us all that feels instinctively that the world is coming to an end?  The Bible certainly speaks to such a thing, but it’s not like all the movies are holding to a Biblical tradition for the end of the world.  Nevertheless, the end of the world remains a “fact” of sorts in our social milieu.  I think the truth in God’s Word is written on our hearts.  Even though we may choose to ignore it or run away from it, we still find that His Truth works its way into the fabric of our lives and our culture.

You know what else I find fascinating about the apocalyptic stories/movies?  In most of them, it may feel like the end, and it may be the end, as we know it, but it’s never simply the end.  There is a new beginning.  There’s a surviving remnant who is able to start again.   That too falls closely in line with scripture.  The world will come to an end, but there will be a new Heaven and a new Earth and those who have put their faith in Jesus will begin anew in this new Kingdom.  It’s fascinating to me that without any attempt at fidelity to the scriptures, nearly all of these end-of-the-world scenarios do follow the general outline/big idea.

So maybe it’s just a plot device, but maybe, just maybe, our consistent thematic return to this idea that our world will come to an end as we know it and our hope of a future beyond that is further evidence of the truth of God’s Word.  Maybe He wrote this into the fabric of our being to draw us to Himself.

Food for thought.


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