Good Readin’

Today I wanted to share two posts I found that are worth a read.

The first: is a great perspective on the Bible narrative.

.. I’m trying to read the Bible for all it’s worth, but I’m not a Hebrew slave suffering in Egypt. I’m not a conquered Judean deported to Babylon. I’m not a first century Jew living under Roman occupation….

One of the most remarkable things about the Bible is that in it we find the narrative told from the perspective of the poor, the oppressed, the enslaved, the conquered, the occupied, the defeated. This is what makes it prophetic. We know that history is written by the winners. This is true — except in the case of the Bible it’s the opposite! This is the subversive genius of the Hebrew prophets. They wrote from a bottom-up perspective.

It’s a great article, a great reminder.  And don’t miss the conclusion, his application of that perspective—he explains how this understanding should affect our lives as we read the Bible.  For example:

…If I read the Bible with the appropriate perspective and humility I don’t use the story of the Rich Man and Lazarus as a proof-text to condemn others to hell. I use it as a reminder that I’m a rich man and Lazarus lies at my door….

It’s short…take a minute to read it!


The second: is a little bit longer, so, as he suggests, grab a coffee.  J  It’s about the story of Mephibosheth, Jonathan’s son, King Saul’s grandson.  At first he explains the story, then he explains why he brings it up:

I used to wondered why Bo’s story was included in the Bible.  At first, he struck me as an also-played.  A footnote.  Some unlucky bloke who got dropped.  Then I started thinking about it and can’t believe I missed it.

Bo’s story is my story.  Yours.

He then elaborates and retells the story in a fictional setting…only with you and I playing the role of Mephibosheth.  It’s pretty moving.  I hope it will bless you!


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