Dangerous Phone Apps

I thought this was a great little article about some of the apps out there, there potential dangers, and what parents can do to help their children think through them, their use, their pro’s and con’s for themselves.  9 Most Dangerous Apps for Kids.

It’s succinct and to the point.  It gives a brief overview of each app and an explanation of its potential harms/malicious uses (also brief).

The author gives a quick conclusion about how parents can help guide their kids and teach them to think for themselves, not just shame or judge.  Here are a few of her concluding thoughts:

Conversation starter for any app – Are you being safe with that app? Are you encouraging others or tearing them down? Are you being bullied? Are you putting out too much information about yourself? Is this an app that brings God glory?

Christian parents are called to instruct their children in biblical wisdom (Deuteronomy 6:6-8) and today that includes teaching them to apply biblical wisdom to media. Teaching your children how to choose appropriate apps and use them responsibly is vitally important in our media-saturated world.

Internet safety is just like any other kind of safety. You don’t just teach your child how to cross the street one time; you repeat “look both ways” to them for years! Similarly, we need to talk continually about internet/app safety. How much information should you share? With whom should you communicate? What should you post?

It’s worth a quick read whether you have kids or not.  For one thing, it will open your eyes to some of the apps people (and kids) are using that you may not have known about.  For another, it may just challenge you to think a little more critically for yourself about how you use your apps.  Finally, it will prepare and equip you for conversations with others who use those apps.  So, if the opportunity arises, you may be prepared to challenge them to think a little more critically about the apps on their phone and how they use them!


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