outlive your life

In his book, Outlive Your Life: You Were Made to Make a Difference, Max Lucado told a story about a captain who visited some islands.  While the majority of the islands had nothing but poverty and suffering, one had economy, agriculture, roads and schools.  The difference was a Father Benjamin who had educated the islanders on all these things.  The Captain asked to see Father Benjamin and was taken to various places around the island, ending at a chapel.  But when he asked to speak to the Father, he was told that was impossible, as the Father was dead.  The surprised captain replied, “I asked to see him, and you showed me a clinic, some fish farms, and this chapel.  You said nothing of his death.”
“You didn’t ask about his death,” the chief explains.  “You asked to see where he lives.  We showed you.”

Can you imagine leaving such a legacy with your life than when people asked to see where you live, there is something to point them to long after you are gone?  That though you are dead, you live on in the lives of others, in the progress and industry and education of your community?  Amazing.  And yet, isn’t this what happened with the life of Jesus?  And aren’t we called to be like Him?  Max Lucado’s book is all about how this can be our reality…and how it is supposed to be our reality.   If we’re honest, isn’t this something that we all long for?  What a glorious thing to know that not only is it something we long for, but it is something that is possible if we are willing to follow Jesus. 


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