Tak3n – Movie Discussion


In this latest installment of the Taken franchise, Lenore, Brayn’s ex-wife is killed and Bryan (Liam Neeson) is framed and on the run. As he works to find out who did it and consequently prove his innocence, he, more importantly, has to protect his daughter, Kim. There are several intriguing spiritual parallels and topics for discussion, but the one that captures me the most is Kim’s response.

It looks as if her dad is guilty. The authorities think he is guilty. His running only furthers the theory that he is guilty… but Kim never waivers. She knows her daddy and her daddy didn’t do this. First off, it’s not in his nature to murder. Yes, he may kill people in self-defense and he may go after the bad guys…but he would never kill an innocent woman. Second off, she knows his heart and he loves Lenore. Yes, they are divorced, but he still loves her. He would never harm her. She trust in his heart and she trusts in his character, and no amount of circumstances are enough to change what she knows to be true.

So, in the meanwhile, Kim waits. She waits for her Dad to prove himself. She waits for the truth to be made evident. She waits for him to return—because he’s on the run and in hiding. She also helps in several ways. She is watchful, looking out for signs of what really might have happened, for signs of danger (to herself or her father) and she looks for signs of his communication. He is on the run and so his contact with her is limited and subtle, but she recognizes it when it comes because she knows him and because she’s looking for it…always trusting that he is doing ALL he can to look out for her and be restored to her. When she does hear from him, she is immediately obedient to anything he says. She knows her instant compliance is critical—to both of their well-being, to his plan, to helping him, etc. There is no delay, no discussion, no renegotiating…she does what he says, unquestioned.

We could learn a lot from Kim. This is what the Christian life is supposed to look like. We are supposed to have full trust and confidence in the nature of God and in his love for us (for humanity in general). That trust is necessary because it gets us through the times when the enemy comes and falsely accuses Him of crimes against humanity. (This happens a lot!) When hard times come, cancer strikes, national disasters occur, wars break out… the enemy is there, whispering to us that our Father in Heaven is guilty. He is bad. He did this.  He can’t be trusted and we aren’t safe with Him.

We need to know his character, his nature, his heart can be trusted. We need to know He is both all good and all powerful. That means we know He won’t do wrong, and it means we have confidence He can and will fix what’s wrong. (Part of Kim’s confidence was in the fact that her father was able. She wasn’t afraid because she knew what he could do…it was just a matter of time before he fixed all that was wrong!)  We have to have hope, more than that—confidence, in both his ability and his character. To have power without character makes a bad God. To have character without power makes a weak God.

Our lives are lived in the meanwhile, just like Kim’s was for much of this movie. God is being falsely accused right and left, and we are left waiting. Waiting on God to clear His name. Waiting on the final victory, which we know is His. So what do we do in the meanwhile? We do what Kim did. We watch and listen—looking out for danger lest we fall into danger and looking out for signs of His communication with us. Often it’s soft, a whisper; a still, quiet voice to our soul by the Holy Spirit. Often it’s hidden in the pages of Scripture or a written subtly in a sunset, but God loves us and is ever reach out to us, communicating with us and hoping we’ll see it. We must be watchful for it. And when we see it, we must be unquestioningly, immediately obedient. We need to know that anything He tells us to do is for our good and our protection out of His great love for us.

Much like in Taken 3, there is a war going on and the enemy is targeting the things most loved by his opponent. Lenore and Kim were targeted, because they were things Bryan most loved. We are targeted because we are the things God most loves. The more we recognize the battle going on, the better we will be at listening/watching and the quicker we will be to respond with obedience.

The good news is, we know the end of the story. God wins! And we get reunited with Him! In the meanwhile, let us take heed to follow Kim’s example and trust in our Heavenly Father, watch for signs of his communication and His love, and obey immediately when He gives us something to do.

Questions for Discussion:

  • Kim had to trust in her Dad when the world and circumstances said he was guilty. Have you ever been in a similar situation?
  • Do you ever find it hard to trust in God when the world and circumstances say He is guilty (of being anything less that He says He is)?
  • Is it harder for you to trust in God’s power or in His character/love/goodness?
  • Why is it important to trust in both God’s power AND his character?
  • How hard is it to live in the “meanwhile”?
  • Kim watched for signs that her Dad was communicating with her, knowing He would. Do you have that same attitude and confidence towards God? Why or why not?
  • Kim obeyed without question anything her dad said. Is it easy or hard for you to obey God without question, immediately? Why?

Click here to read quotes from Taken 3.

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