Finding Your Voice

A guest speaker at church on Sunday shared this video as he talked about “finding your voice” – that sweet spot where you feel you are doing what you were created to do, and you feel the pleasure and the presence of God in doing it.

Eric Liddell said he felt the pleasure and the presence of God when he ran.  I suspect this kid, Raul Gil, could say the same thing about his singing.  And just look how he does it.  He’s confident, humble, powerful, pure and he sings with conviction.  You can see it – this kid is doing what he has to do.  It’s not a performance; it’s just simply who he is.  And it’s moving.

When we find our voice, when we begin to do the thing that we were made to do, when we find that sweet spot, those same characteristics will mark our life and work.  We’ll have that same confidence, humility, power, purity and conviction.  We’ll do what we do because we have to, not for the world’s attention, not to perform or gain approval, but because it’s simply who we are.  And when we live like that… it’ll move the world.

So what is it for you?  What is the thing(s) that when you do it, you feel God’s pleasure?

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