Jumper Cables


I heard a pastor tonight talk about a time when he was asked to be ready (and willing) after an event to pray for healing for anyone who asked. He was a new believer at the time and felt very insecure about praying for healing. Such a bold thing! What if he prayed and nothing happened? Did he know the right words? Was there a more powerful way to pray than another? Did he have enough faith?

He didn’t actually say that those were the questions running through his head, but I imagine they might have been, or something like them. At any rate, he was nervous. So he prayed about it before hand, confessing his fears and insecurities to the Lord. He said that God gave him an image of an old, rusty pair of jumper cables.

You see, jumper cables have no power in and of themselves. Their only job is connect the broken car battery that has no life to a source of life, a battery that works. When the car starts, no one says, “Wow, what jumper cables you have!” In fact, it doesn’t matter if the jumper cables are new and pristine with shiny connectors, or if they are old and rusty and dirty and tied in knots. All that matters is that they are able to connect the dead car with the car of life. The power is in the car that runs. The cables are just a conduit—the working battery does all the work of bringing life and healing to the dead car.

I love that. Our only job is to be connected. We need to be connected to the Source of Life and be willing to reach out and touch anyone who is broken down. When we are able to touch both, magic happens…the power of the Spirit flows through us into the broken down vessel. And you know what? It doesn’t matter if we are new or old, rusty or pristine, uncoiled or kinked up in knots…so long as we are able to connect to God and our fellow man.

Do you know someone who is broken down, hurting, unable to properly come to life? Are you feeling inadequate to the task of helping them? Take heart. The burden to be the battery, to bring life and energy to them…that’s not yours. Your job is to connect them to Jesus (through love, friend…we connect them with love). He is the one who brings life.

 “For it is God who works in you, both to will and to work for his good pleasure.” Philippians 2:13 (emphasis added)

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