Minions – Movie Review

minions long

It’s the comedy you would expect and hope for from a movie about the minions…but it also has a message that actually echoes our human nature and the way we are created.

The minions had a goal: they wanted to serve a master. Granted, they were looking to serve “the most despicable master they could find,” but that is where much of the comedy comes from. The point here is that they recognized their need for a master. They aren’t of a Western mindset. They aren’t trying to be independent, the creators of their own destiny, self-made minions. Their heart’s desire is to serve something greater than themselves (which indicates first a realization that they themselves are not the greatest).

The truth is, we are minions. We, too, are looking for a master to serve. We aren’t the biggest thing around. Whether we realize it or not, we are in need of something bigger and greater than ourselves to give our lives to.

For the minions, “finding a boss was easy. Keeping a boss—therein lies the rub.” They were through master after master, each time thinking they had found someone worthy of serving, but each time their master proved…well…disposable, I guess you’d say. In a comedic turn of events, the minions, trying to serve their master, ended up killing their masters, time after time. They couldn’t find anyone worthy. For a time, the minions “truly made a life for themselves,” without a master. “But something just wasn’t right. Without a master to serve, they were lost and depressed.”

It’s the same for us. Mankind searches for a worthy master and in his pursuit, finds that master after master is disposable and unworthy. Solomon says they are all “meaningless, a chasing after the wind” in his book, Ecclesiastes, in which he details his fruitless time serving unworthy masters such as money, hard work, success, love, pleasure, etc. Sometimes, we give up on serving a master and only strive to serve ourselves. We may even appear to do truly well for ourselves, but just like the minions, without a master to serve, we are a lost and depressed people.

Eventually, “one minion, Kevin, (had a plan)! He was ready. Kevin would leave the cave, go back to the outside world and he would not return until he’d found the biggest, baddest, boss to serve.” He found a bad one. He found Scarlett Overkill, but even she proved to be a bad master—because she’s evil! And in the end of the movie, the minions meet Gru. He may think he’s evil, but we know from other movies, he is really very good. Not only that, but we see that, even as a youth, he was more powerful than Scarlett. He is the master they had been looking for all along. He is the most powerful, the only one worthy of their service, the only one who can handle their service without being himself harmed.

Eventually, we all have to come to a point like Kevin where we determine to set out and find our true master. We have to find the most powerful one to serve. The Bible calls Him King of Kings and Lord of Lords, the Alpha and the Omega, Beginning and the End, the Creator of all. He is the most powerful, the only one who is worthy, and the only one who can handle our service. And, like Gru, even though He is sometimes misunderstood, those of us who know Him know Him to be very, very good.

Questions for Discussion:

  • Why did the minions feel a need to serve someone or something?
  • Do you feel a need to serve something other than yourself?
  • What kinds of things have you served? What things have been your master, maybe without even knowing it? (Popularity, money, success, pleasing people, being admired, academics, etc.)
  • How would serving Jesus change your life?
  • How would having a kind master change your life? (Like Gru did for the minions, like Jesus does for His followers?)

A few other freebies to think about:

  • Kevin, Bob and Stuart were unlikely heroes; “the last creatures you would expect to win the day.” The Bible is full of stories of unlikely heroes. David and Goliath. Jesus, himself. Saul/Paul. Mary. Rahab. Ruth. Just to name a few.
  • As Kevin set out to find a master, he reminded them all of their dreams of having a master, and he gave them “something they hadn’t had in a long time—hope.” Sometimes people need someone to just remind them of what they are longing for/hoping for. That alone can be inspirational. And then, when someone commits to a course of action, it brings hope to the masses.
  • Scarlett wanted the crown because “that crown would mean she was a princess and everybody loves a princess!” The thing is, having a crown might have given her a title, but it never would have made her worthy, nor loveable. What Scarlett really wanted was love. Her means of getting love were seriously misguided.

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