Great Author for Kids…

When I was a kid I loved to read books by Patricia St. John. She wrote great stories that always involved powerful messages of faith. I read a lot of the popular Christian fiction of the day, too, but always I preferred her books, even though they were a bit older (she was born in 1919). I always felt they had a richer faith. I didn’t know anything of her life, then, but now, with the mystery that is the internet, you can Wikipedia her and find out that she was a missionary nurse in Morocco for most of her life. My first experience with her was through a dear teacher of mine in 4th grade who read Treasures of the Snow to us. I was hooked after that.

Along with her fiction, I recently read a book of hers that I hadn’t encountered before – Twice Freed. It’s an historical fiction account of the story of Onesimus, the slave Paul wrote to Philemon about. It’s a story about slavery, forgiveness, bitterness, freedom and the love of Jesus. It’s also a story about the letter to Philemon.

If you have kids or grand kids or friends with kids, and you love Jesus, and are looking for some good books to read to your kids, or with them, or for them to read… Try Patricia St. John (sometimes Patricia M. St. John). Or if you just want to be encouraged in your own faith – trust me, Patricia M. St. John isn’t just for kids! Try her!

treasures of the snow twice freed

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