Tales of the Kingdom


Tales of the Kingdom – This is another one of those books that I really don’t know how I stumbled onto it. I’ve never heard it talked about, never heard mention of it…and now that I’ve read it I cannot imagine how I haven’t heard about it. It was fantastic! It’s part of a trilogy and I cannot wait to the read the others! But I also couldn’t wait to pass this title on to any who might be looking for a good book, for themselves, or to read to their children. Rest assured, there is something in here for everyone. It’s a wonderful fantasy story with 12 chapters that are both part of a larger story, and also contained stories of their own. Beautiful lessons about the Christian life. Sometimes we can see things better through fantasy, and sometimes we can see more clearly through the eyes of a child…this book offers both…and in such, many complicated things become so beautifully simple and clear…and more than that, attractive.

Trust me on this one…just read it!


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