Why Church?!

I hear people saying all the time that they don’t think they need to go to church, that they worship God on their own, from home or out in nature (or wherever they prefer). We can and should read the Bible for ourselves. We can and should worship God in the privacy of our own home and when we’re out on a hike and in the car… All these things are good, but do they really replace church? And what is church, for that matter? If I get together with a good Christian friend or two, is that the same as going to church? It is the body of Christ, after all.

I’ve heard these discussions, and heard a lot of people defending their “no church” approach to life, often with good reason—usually I find they were hurt, deeply, by a church (or by several churches). They don’t blame God for that and still desire to worship him, but they don’t want to risk being wounded by another church.

I heard a sermon recently that I thought did a beautiful job of explaining why church is still valuable and valid and even necessary. I’m not saying he answers all the questions on the subject, but I thought he did a good (and even powerful) job starting the discussion.

If it’s a topic you have been wrestling with, or if you want to know how to better discuss the idea of church with people who “don’t need it”—I encourage you to listen.  As a bonus, (on a side note,) his voice is magical. 🙂

(Listen to the First Sunday after the Epiphany talk.)

If you want to hear more of Andrew’s voice… or his sermons…go to http://www.bloomchurchdenver.com/talks/


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