Trolls – Movie Discussion


Trolls is a bit ridiculous, but then again, it will surprise you with its depth. It’s able to make some smart statements about the world around us and our absurd demands for happiness through the things we consume because it is so ridiculous. Bergens were unhappy and thought that eating the trolls who were very happy would make them happy, too. We know that eating a happy person won’t make us happy. We know that. It’s silly. And yet, the premise is actually extremely insightful. We do have this idea that we can “consume” happiness. We demand that our entertainment and our friends and our parents and our children and yes, even our food (eating isn’t so far off, after all)…all these external things, people and circumstances… make us happy (and/or make our loved ones/children/etc. happy). In the end, the Bergens learn that happiness isn’t something we put inside us, but something that is inside us. It’s from within…it’s just that sometimes other people help us find it. This is a decent enough message, and as I said, a bit of a pointed statement about our cultural pursuit of happiness.

This is good (and obvious), but there is so much more if you look a little deeper!

The Gospel

Trolls is also very much the story of the good news of Jesus…

Read the full article here.


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