I’m Not Ashamed – Movie Discussion


I’m Not Ashamed is the true story of Rachel Joy Scott who was killed in the shooting at Columbine as compiled from her journals and her mother. The world has given us their insight and perspective on the life of the American teenager, but this is the first movie I’m aware of that is a look inside the American Christian teenager. It’s honest and gritty, but it’s also hopeful and beautiful, and absolutely worth your time and a coffee after to have a discussion.

The interesting thing to me was how the movie showed two people with a passionate desire to make a difference in the world. Both saw injustices and both struggled with a keen sensitivity to the darkness around them and even in them. Their stimuli was very similar. They were in the same halls, the same classes, with the same people. They even felt similar things about the world around them. The different was their response to it. One responded with hate and anger and violence, the other with love and compassion, grace and hope. He chose to make a difference by following in Hitler’s footsteps. She choose to make a difference by following in Jesus’. Both gave their lives to their cause and both made a huge impact on the world. He and a friend murdered 13 people (seriously injuring another 25) in what will long be remembered as one of the worst high school massacres of all times. Her story has touched over 22 million lives (and that was before the release of the movie, through Rachelschallenge.org). His way was the more stunning at first, but hers was the more powerful in the end.

Read the rest here.

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