12 Lessons about Communication from Arrival


Arrival may not be what you’re expecting. I think this reviewer on IMDB summed it up nicely when he wrote, “Actually what you get is a film that approaches the grandeur of ‘Close Encounters’ but interlaces it with the intellectual depth of ‘Inception’, the mystery of ‘Intersteller’ and a heavy emotional jolt or two of ‘Up’.”[1] On the surface it’s a sci-fi alien movie, but really, that’s just the delivery message for a very serious, intelligent and poignant movie about communication. Of course, a movie about communication can help us communicate with each other better, but where I think it really shines is as a metaphor for our communication with God. …

Frankly, I loved the movie and I am not usually a big fan of alien movies.  The movie itself was great, but I got so excited about the truths it was communicating and about the article I could write.  I have actually had multiple conversations in the past few days about that movie and about communicating with God because of it. So – click the link to read the article whether you see the movie or not, and may it help challenge and encourage you in your relationship with God as well as opening up lines of communication between you and your friends and fellow man about the Lord.

Click here to read 12 things we can learn about communication from Arrival.

[1] bob-the-movie-man. (2016, November 8). User Reviews, ”Wow – what a surprise”. Retrieved from IMDB.


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