Fantastic Beasts – Movie Discussion


There are movies that call you up and inspire you to become more than you are. (Moana is such a one.) There are other movies that call you out and challenge you to behave better and/or warn against evils in the world. Fantastic Beasts falls into the latter category. It is no secret that J.K. Rowling uses her books to stand up for the marginalized and takes a strong stand against bullies. This is no exception. They are great messages, but don’t think that these are simply entertaining movies with a little message thrown in. She preaches a very loud message only thinly cloaked with the fantastical world she has created around them. Whether the message is good or bad really has to do with how you view it. So, I challenge you, parents especially, be careful with this. Enjoy it; I’m not saying not to…but be intentional. Separate the wheat from the chaff. Be aware of what, exactly, your kids might be taking away from this. Frame the narrative in a good, righteous, godly way. Because if you don’t, it could also be used in a way that is destructive. This movie is a little bit like a loaded gun. The gun is only a tool. Whether that tool is good or bad depends on how it’s used.

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