Silence – Movie Discussion

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There is no way I can do justice to Silence with a brief review. It was not a fun movie; it was, however, haunting, powerful, gripping, disturbing. It was the kind of heavy you can’t shake off, the kind I’d rather not see…and the kind we all, especially in our comfortable, American lives, probably need to see. I had the extreme privilege of seeing it with two women who had been missionaries in Taiwan for much of their lives and discussing it afterwards with them. I’ll give a brief synapsis and a few thoughts (and a few links at the end to other articles worth reading), but I want to focus on some practical ways to think about and respond to this movie from the perspective of two women who have come much nearer to the hardships in this movie than I have. I also encourage you to check out this list of quotes from the movie—they are provocative and good for discussion.

Click here to read the full article… hard questions the movie raises, practical responses and ways we can prepare ourselves for possible persecution.

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  1. Well done! Ought to have a ‘spoiler alert’ though, since some who want to see the movie didn’t make the brief theater run. I just found the book on my shelf, and realize the movie ending went beyond where the book ended. I’ll enjoy reading it now, with the images in my head! So glad to see it with you!

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