The Space Between Us – Movie Discussion


Once in a while there is a story about someone entering the world for the first time, not as a child, but as a more mature person. They get to see the world for the first time and take it all in, but with the advantage of a seeing it with mature cognition and reasoning. I am David did so brilliantly (and seriously) with a child who had never been beyond the walls of a concentration camp. (Jim Caviezel stars—it’s worth seeing.) Blast from the Past did so in a light-hearted fashion as Brendan Frasier emerges from a bomb shelter after being locked away for 35 years. The Space Between Us is more like the latter. It’s light-hearted and heart-warming. He’s optimistic and naive, and his love interest is cynical and street smart.

I was thinking about why this movie worked as well as it did. In truth, I wasn’t expecting much, but we (myself and the two teens I saw it with) really enjoyed it. But why?

Click here to read the rest–what worked, what it has to do with our relationship with the Lord, and one big frustration/caution about the movie.

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