Hidden Figures – Movie Discussion

hidden figures long.jpg

There are so many beautiful things to take away from this important and feel-good movie about America’s advancement in both technology and humanity. It’s been said that a rising tide raises all boats and that’s certainly what we see here. As America’s technological tide was rising in their race to space, women and African Americans were also finding themselves in unforeseen positions of respect and importance in the space program. Or, perhaps it was because women and African Americans were allowed to rise that the space program was elevated. Chicken or the egg, really. As Dorothy put it, “Any upward movement is movement for us all.” This is the absolute beauty of God’s Kingdom, that when God pours out His blessing it’s for the good of all. He raises the tide and all ships are lifted—a principle so well-depicted in Hidden Figures.

The more we understand this principle, that God is the one who brings in the tide, and that it is God who is able to lift our ships, the more we are able to rest and trust God to work on our behalf. This was perhaps the most memorable thing to me about this movie—the way in which those three, lovely, African-American women cooperated with God in the rising of their ships.

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