The Founder – Movie Discussion


Persistence. Nothing is more important than persistence.
Persistence and determination alone are all powerful. – Ray’s Motivational Record

It’s a fascinating and conflicted story, the story of how Ray Kroc made McDonalds into the empire it is. An ugly tale of victory and triumph. It’s a story of our time and an ambiguous one, at that—making it all the more a story of our times.

It’s a hard movie. There’s this glorious American dream quality to the story—this guy who, at 52 had nothing to his name, really and had never had any success, suddenly launches McDonalds. That is the American dream—the idea that anyone, at any point in their life, might catapult their way into success and create something that outlasts them. And yet, there’s also this horrible reality that to do so, he was conniving and backhanded and really willing to kill a drowning man to get there. Is this the only way to achieve the American dream?

Click here to read the full article, to learn about Ray’s “orphan mentality” and twisted sense of identity, and see a Biblical contrast/model for success…and a better way for achieving the American dream. 

Click here to read quotes from The Founder.

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