Power Rangers – Movie Discussion

power rangers 1

Watching the Power Rangers, you might wonder if the writers were followers of Brené Brown and her teaching on the power of vulnerability. You night also wonder if it ever crossed their minds that the Power Rangers made for a great visual illustration of the body of Christ. Maybe so. Maybe not. Either way, the messages are there for those who would see them.

Power Rangers may not be the best movie you’ve ever seen, but it may be one of the better illustrations of the body of Christ you’re likely to see. And, as we’ve seen, it has a lot to say about vulnerability and connecting with others as the way to unity. There is actually quite a lot more that you can connect to the Christian faith if you want to look for it—like two baptism scenes…one of water and one of fire. Have some fun with this one! I have found that finding these Christian parallels can take a mediocre movie and make it a great one. What might have been a forgettable movie for me is now one I would see again just because there were so many rich parallels to the Christian life, I think I missed some!

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