The Boss Baby – Movie Discussion

boss baby.jpg

See this pie chart? It represents all the love ihe world. – Boss Baby

I once heard someone explain the poverty mentality with a pie chart. They said that a poverty mindset says that if there is a pie chart that represents love in the world (or resources of any sort), then if someone takes part of that love (or resource), that means there is less for you. Therefore, you need to guard what you have and take as much as you can. A Christian, however, doesn’t need to have a poverty mindset because they know the pie maker. They don’t have to hoard the pieces of pie for themselves, they can instead ask the maker of pie to simply make another. Therefore, if someone takes some of “their” pie, they can give it willingly, knowing they can get more. Boss Baby actually, basically said the same thing! Well, it doesn’t actually talk about a pie-maker-God, but it does so clearly illustrate the poverty mentality, with a pie-chart, no less, and show how it harms everyone it touches. It’s a great opportunity to talk with people (your children, perhaps?!) about how God can change our hearts and our thinking so that we don’t have to be hoarders but can, instead, be givers. It’s kind of brilliant!

Click here to read the full article.

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