The Fate of the Furious – Movie Discussion

f8 long.jpg

How are Dom and Dom and his crew indicative of our times???  Is it possible that the younger generations are attracted to their brand of righteousness just as much as (or probably more so) the worldly appeal of fast cars and loose women???  Is it possible that, as much as that is part of the movies, it’s not the point of them–much as a frame isn’t the point of the artwork it contains?  And how do we, as Christians, respond when someone has a code of honor, but that code is inconsistent with the Bible’s standards of righteousness?

My discussion of The Fate of the Furious (at Shepherd Project Ministries) discusses these questions.  AND!!!  There is actually something really brilliant in F8 for our use as Christians in dealing with non-believers and the question of why God allows evil in the world.  Read about it here!




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