Ant-Man and The Wasp – Movie Discussion


I’ve heard it said that if you want to reach your dreams, help others reach theirs. Similarly, Jesus that whoever wanted to save their life would lose it, but whoever would lose it for His sake, would find it (Matthew 10:39, not a direct quote). Ant-Man and The Wasp gives a great illustration of this truth.

Without even attempting to explain the science-y part of this, Ava is a troubled girl. She appears to be the villain, but we find out that she’s just desperately hurting and if they don’t find some help for her problems, she’ll die soon. So, because of her pain and because of her imminent time line, she starts grasping. She hurts people and is willing to let others die so that she might live.

Meanwhile, Scott and Hope (Ant-Man and The Wasp) are trying to free Hope’s mom from the void. They have the technology and knowledge to help Ava, but they are determined to get Hope’s mom (Janet) free, first. (Her timeline is more pressing than Ava’s.) But it is all in danger because of Ava.

Dr. Foster is the one man Ava sort of trusts, and he keeps telling her that there is a better way. He tells her to let them rescue Janet because she will likely be able to help. Ava doesn’t listen to reason. She’s like a drowning man who is a danger to his rescuers. Her own pain has blinded her to anyone else.

In the end, Scott and Hope do manage to rescue Janet, and it is Janet who is the key to Ava’s healing.

Janet: Your pain. I can feel it.
Ava: It hurts. It always hurts.
Janet: I’m sorry. I think I can help you.

Janet understands her pain because Ava’s pain comes from the some place Janet has just been delivered from. Janet gives her the compassion she needs and she touches her with love and healing.

A couple interesting points here. First off, in trying to save her life, Ava nearly lost it. The solution for Ava was in helping Scott and Hope fulfill their mission. Once they fulfilled their mission, Ava’s solution was at hand. If Ava had helped them rather than hinder them, she would have found relief that much sooner. Second, when we get delivered from something, when we come through a trial, we often (if not always) hold the healing for someone else in that same struggle. And when we reach out to them with love, hear them, have compassion on them, and touch them with loving hands…that is often the very means by which God brings them the relief and healing they seek.

Questions for Discussion:

  • How did Ava almost sabotage her own healing?
  • Have you ever, in fighting for your own needs, found that you did more harm than good? That you actually sabotaged the very solutions you needed?
  • What difference would it have made if Ava had decided to help Hope and Scott rather than fight them?
  • What do you think Jesus means that when you try to save your life, you lose it? And when you lose it for His sake, you’ll find it?
  • Why do you think Janet was specifically able to help Ava?
  • Have you ever come through something, and then been able to help someone else in that same struggle?


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