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New Career Option – Grateful

As I travel and make my way through security it occurs to me to be grateful… If ever my day job doesn’t pan out, thanks to TSA I’m well prepared for a secondary career as a stripper. Just one more … Continue reading

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For all you foodies out there…

Did you know that Christianity is a religion for the foodies??? Even Jesus ate in his resurrected body! I’m just celebrating that.

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Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation – Movie Discussion

I love the misdirection in a good spy movie—you are on edge, wondering what the truth is, because things are never as they seem. You have to wait till the end, the very end, to know what the truth really … Continue reading

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A Snow Cone is Not Just a Snow Cone

My brother told me the other day that sometimes he wishes he had my brain…and then he said… “and then I think NO, I don’t want her brain – her brain is exhausting!  For me a snow cone is just … Continue reading

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I’m sorry, Stan!

I just want to apologize to all the Stan’s out there.  I have nothing against you, really.  I’ve known many Stans who were a credit to the name.  However, I can’t seem to help it.  My fingers have a mind … Continue reading

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The F.A.R.T.S. Club

I introduced you to my amazing cousin in this post, but I didn’t do her justice, so I’m back to try again, and give you a little more of the wonder that she is. She is one of the most … Continue reading

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Use Your Words

My brother shared this hilarious video of his son, Gage. Before you watch, a little explanation:  they taught Gage sign language.  He is making the sign (or at least his sign, which they recognize) for please at the beginning. Somewhere, … Continue reading

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Why did she do it?

To my dear friends, I wanted to advise you that you may want to do your hair and make up and be sure to dress with care for the next few days so you are prepared in case the news … Continue reading

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