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Giving Jars

I just read about this great illustration Corrie ten Boom used to teach “how God would repay the generous.” She stood in front of the class of young missionaries-in-training and placed two bottles before them, each filled with sand. One had … Continue reading

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Sharing the Shade

I was sitting outside this morning, grabbing a bagel and reading my Bible. There were two outside tables. One had an umbrella for shade, the other did not. The one with the umbrella was taken, so I took the other. … Continue reading

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Fight for a Jacket

I watched last week as two girls fought over a jacket. Or at least one girl was fighting over a jacket, the other was beat up over that jacket. Ugh. It seems that the jacket was in the downstairs coat … Continue reading

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When the Game Stands Tall – Movie Discussion

Some movies have good messages, but they are obscure, hidden within the action and the drama.   This is not one of those movies.  When the Game Stands Tall is full of good messages, challenging ideas, and inspirational themes, but they … Continue reading

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New House, Teachable Moment

So, my cousin is pretty much one of my favorite people on this planet, along with being arguably the most AMAZING wife, mother, friend and all-around-person on this planet.  They live in this tiny little two bedroom house/condo situation with … Continue reading

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Waiting for Egypt

17 In the twenty-seventh year, in the first month, on the first day of the month, the word of the Lord came to me: 18 “Son of man, Nebuchadnezzar king of Babylon made his army labor hard against Tyre. Every head was made bald, and every … Continue reading

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