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The Dark Tower – Movie Discussion

The Dark Tower is one of those movies that could prompt any number of deep discussions about spiritual matters. It’s full of rich metaphors and symbols and parallels, ripe for exploration and debate for those of us so inclined. Rather … Continue reading

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Dress Up and Fasting

As our church does 21 days of prayer and fasting, I’m realizing how easy it is to go through the motions of fasting, and forget the point. It’s easy to feel good that I’m denying my body certain foods, without … Continue reading

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Let it Not be Said…

“And He saw that there was no man, And was astonished that there was no one to intercede” Isaiah 59:16 (NAS)  The earth was a mess.  Earlier in Isaiah 59[1] we see that the people’s “iniquities have made a separation between … Continue reading

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Z blog 11 – The Big Guns

Sometimes you know God is really serious about getting someone’s attention because he calls in the big guns.  God was serious about my friend in Zimbabwe. He’s the most delightful person.  So full of laughter and infectious joy.  There’s a … Continue reading

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