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Brian – Another Starbucks Story

He’d been sitting in the Starbucks for ages. A man with grey hair and a gentle, intelligent face. He had dirty, ratty clothes, but despite that, he seemed very clean and well-groomed. At least, he was very well-groomed for a … Continue reading

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Great Idea!

I read this in our local magazine the other day and thought it was a great idea. Start an IMPACT JOURNAL with your kids. It is real simple, each week write down something they did to impact the world around … Continue reading

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Flesh, Book Summary

I have mentioned a few excerpts from Hugh Halter’s book, Flesh (here, here  and here).  If you are curious to read more, I’ve posted a book summary over at Shepherd Project.  It’s a great way to get a good feel … Continue reading

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Redeeming the Curse of Work

Hugh Halter’s book Flesh makes a strong case for the value of bi-vocational pastors (pastors who have a “tent making” job to pay the bills), but his book isn’t just for pastors. It’s a book about incarnational ministry, about having … Continue reading

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The Value of Servantship

Another quote from Hugh Halter’s book: Flesh. In Lance Ford’s book, UnLeader he wrote, Depending on the translation, at the very most, “leader” is used only six times in the New Testament, while the word “servant” can be found over … Continue reading

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Going to the Amazon!

This is how it all started… She’d just gotten back from a cruise with her special needs friends from church and had to tell me about her trip. We met nearly two decades ago, Lori and I, on a mission … Continue reading

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I Wish I Had Your Faith, Part 3

I wrote here about what it takes to grow faith, and here about what it takes to get to know the character of God.  Today I want to talk about a benefit that comes of those things, besides the benefit … Continue reading

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Here are some things you may have missed that we are doing over at Shepherd Project Ministries…  Discussions on some of the current movies, connecting them to themes in life and scripture:  Main stream: Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs … Continue reading

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Books, Books, Books!

So I’ve been reading a lot lately.  Some people assume that I always read a lot.  Not true.  I wish it was true.  Just like some people think some really nice things about me that also are not true…and that … Continue reading

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Z Blog – Jakob

I mentioned in this blog about Kaylee about a divine encounter we’ve had already on our Zimbabwe trip, before we even left the country.  Well, the second one is perhaps a little less sensational, but still so beautiful to me.  … Continue reading

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