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The Stray – Movie Discussion

The Stray is a sweet, family-friendly movie based on a true story about a family and their dog. When Mitch suggests to his wife, Michelle, that they should get a dog, she reluctantly agrees that they can pray and ask … Continue reading

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Back to School Benediction

As you go to school, I pray that this becomes a lifelong love for you, the love of learning.  And that as you learn, you wouldn’t just love learning for the sake of knowledge, or even for the beautiful responsibility … Continue reading

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When Walls Don’t Seem to Move – Link

Graham Cooke is one of my favorite teachers.  Today I got a link from his ministry to this blog/article on prayer and the walls of Jericho.  Too good not to share. http://www.brilliantperspectives.com/walls-dont-seem-move/

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A Few More (Quick) Thoughts on Star Wars

If you haven’t read it, there’s a discussion of the movie here which delves into some of the characters and their overall journeys, comparing them to the journeys many of us take on the road to faith. I had a … Continue reading

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Food for Thought

A recent Gospel for Asia newsletter wrote about a pastor. When [he] arrived in the community of about 2,000 people where he now serves, some of the more influential villages were not open to what he had to say. They … Continue reading

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A Little Help with the Text, Please!

Reading the Bible can be hard at times.  Sometimes we read things that just don’t fit with our experience, and yet it’s there in the Bible in black and white.  Do we need more faith?  Have we misunderstood the text?  … Continue reading

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Godzilla – Movie Discussion

Movies where mankind is united against a common enemy which threatens to wipe out humanity have some common themes.  You can pretty much always find examples of bravery, character and sacrifice.  There will be people who are willing to risk … Continue reading

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The F.A.R.T.S. Club

I introduced you to my amazing cousin in this post, but I didn’t do her justice, so I’m back to try again, and give you a little more of the wonder that she is. She is one of the most … Continue reading

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Use Your Words

My brother shared this hilarious video of his son, Gage. Before you watch, a little explanation:  they taught Gage sign language.  He is making the sign (or at least his sign, which they recognize) for please at the beginning. Somewhere, … Continue reading

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Let it Not be Said…

“And He saw that there was no man, And was astonished that there was no one to intercede” Isaiah 59:16 (NAS)  The earth was a mess.  Earlier in Isaiah 59[1] we see that the people’s “iniquities have made a separation between … Continue reading

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