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How to be Single…really?!

As the preview for How to be Single played before my eyes, I got annoyed. I think if the title simply said “A Raunchy Approach to Singleness”, maybe I wouldn’t have been so irritated, but no, this claims to be … Continue reading

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A Single Girl’s Perspective on Homosexuality

  Reprinted from Shepherd Project Ministries. I’ll be honest, this is one of those articles I haven’t wanted to write because I know how polarizing (and likely emotional) the responses will be.  It’s not that I mind making a statement … Continue reading

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Z Blog – Smiley Faces

I keep getting text messages. Little beeps come throughout the day letting me know there’s a message waiting for me. I check my phone… a smiley face. That’s it. A simple little smile greeting me. But it’s not just a … Continue reading

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Wicked Fairies…Slumber…Unworthy Suitors…

This quote from George MacDonald (have I mentioned, like a million times already, how much I LOVE him???!!!) is one I’ve wanted to share since I started this blog… so – I don’t procrastinate or anything…  really. I never knew … Continue reading

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Mission for the Singles – Link

Saw this great post today on singleness from John Piper’s resources and thought I’d share. Marshall Segal gives “eight suggestions for making the most of your not-yet married life” that are really practical and challenging. Worth a read… and then … Continue reading

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What if I never get Married?–Answers that Don’t Help

I was just writing about how to answer the very tough question of “Why are you still single?”  when I found this wonderful post from Ruthie Dean, about “What if I never get married?”.  She’s someone I already know I’ll … Continue reading

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Why I’m Still Single…And Other Tough Questions

As a single woman in her late 30’s, the “Why are you still single?” question is pretty much about as common as the “What do you do?” question, only not nearly as simple and painless to answer. The other day … Continue reading

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