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I Wish I Had Your Faith, Part 2

I wrote here about what it takes to grow faith.  Today I want to talk a little about what it takes to get to know who God is—it’s a related topic in many ways.  I said that a lot of … Continue reading

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Winter’s Tale – Movie Discussion

I’m the kind of romantic that likes to find the meaning in things. Just in its natural course, life is sufficiently hard. And if you can find the hope underneath that, that there is connectedness and some reason to it, … Continue reading

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Seasonal Lessons

This spring I was out for a hike and was overcome by the beauty of budding things.  Bright spots, everywhere.  Plants all around had little splashes of color on the tips, a lighter, brighter patch of green, a budding little … Continue reading

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Call the Midwife–WWJD

It’s full of blood and babies and birthing and the screams of women in labor…things which honestly make me very, very uncomfortable.  There are those people who are fascinated with these things.  You know the kind—they see a pregnant woman … Continue reading

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Rescuing the Blue Bird

I heard him before I saw him.  That sound of futile fluttering, wings going nowhere.  I finally saw him, high up in the barn, desperately looking through the window to freedom, absolutely wrong about how to get there.  Bone weary … Continue reading

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What if – a Great Link

I stumbled across this post and thought it was worth sharing.  He writes about “what if” – a thought provoking string of what if’s to challenge the way we see things and the way we do things.  Here are a few … Continue reading

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Z Blog – Jakob

I mentioned in this blog about Kaylee about a divine encounter we’ve had already on our Zimbabwe trip, before we even left the country.  Well, the second one is perhaps a little less sensational, but still so beautiful to me.  … Continue reading

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Z Blog – Our Special Thing, Me and God

Every significant relationship develops special nuances.  There are those special little things and the two of you share.  Little things that are special to the two of you, little ways of communicating love and delighting each other that are unique … Continue reading

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Raging Whispers – link

I love this post from Craig – 3 beautiful sentences.  Read here: http://truthtoldslant.com/2013/05/17/raging-whispers/

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Why haven’t I asked?

I wrote a few thoughts here about Graham Cooke’s fill in the blank statement – “God is the most ­­­­­­­­­­­_________ person I know.” Today I want to ask this follow-up question:  Do you believe some aspects of God’s character are … Continue reading

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