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Criminal Minds vs. God’s Mind

I’ve seen a couple episodes, and I get it—Criminal Minds is fascinating and engaging. It’s easy to get caught up in. It’s also dark, as you should probably expect a show about studying and profiling the criminal mind to be. … Continue reading

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The Four Gospels in TV Terms

“Ever wonder why there are four Gospels?” my friend, the chaplain at the jail kind of barreled out at me last week.  Without really waiting for an answer he went on, as is his way.  “Each of them is written … Continue reading

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What Downton Abbey Can Teach us about Identity in Christ

If you’ve been looking for a way to spiritualize and excuse your favorite TV addiction, look no further! OK, I can’t even joke like that without clarifying that I’m only joking!  I don’t ever want to use the Bible to … Continue reading

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